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New data backs our first ever green home loan program

Australians lead the world in residential rooftop solar. Our next challenge is to embrace energy efficient building design and construction practices to cut our energy use and reduce our emissions.

Through our Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the world’s largest and most successful green bank, the Australian Government has invested $90 million to establish Australia’s first green home loan.

Delivered with Bank Australia, the Government has already attracted 140 customers in the first year of the program. By offering discounted home loans for energy-efficient homes, the Government is reducing emissions and supporting Australian families.

We want to see more lenders create incentives to make Australian homes green and reward people taking positive climate action

Damien Walsh, Bank Australia

Preliminary economic modelling undertaken by ASBEC and the CSIRO has found that investing in voluntary measures to accelerate Australia’s transition to sustainable homes by 2030 would deliver more than half a billion dollars of extra investment in the construction industry; create over 7,000 new jobs and save Australians more than $600 million on their energy bills.

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