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As the world’s only island continent, Australia has always understood that how we manage our oceans and coastal environments will determine the success or failure of our world’s efforts to address climate change.

We’re making an additional $100 million investment to take global leadership of efforts to preserve our marine environment, check out what we’re doing below:

1 — Joining the Global Oceans Alliance

We’ve joined an alliance of 40 nations to call for a global target to protect the world’s ocean by 2030. We want to see a global target of 30% to protect our oceans by 2030.

2 — Pursuing a global agreement on marine litter and microplastic pollution

At the UN Environment Assembly, Australia will pursue a coordinated global agreement to tackle microplastic pollution and marine litter; ensuring we lead on the preservation of our precious oceans.

3 — Investing $40 million in marine park management

To strengthen the management of Australian marine parks, including through increased funding for sustainability in the Indian Ocean, ocean discovery works and restoration projects that help us understand our unique natural environment.

4 — Investing over $11 million in Indigenous-solutions

To harness traditional knowledge, create economic opportunity and incorporate Sea Country in nine locations in Indigenous Protected Areas.

5 — Investing $61 million in our bluecarbon ecoystems and accounting for them

To restore blue carbon ecosystems through both major projects and exporting our world-leading expertise to developing countries.

6 — Investing $36 million to protect our iconic marine species, improving fishery sustainability and stimulate investment in our oceans

To ensure we are protecting threatened species, reducing bycatch and stimulating job-creating investment right across Australia.

These actions build on over $67.4 million to protect Australia’s ocean and marine ecosystems including $14.8 million to tackle the impacts of ghost nets and plastic litter, and $28.3 million to enhance management of our Australian Marine Parks.

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